Unique Geographic Conditions Create Pristine Growing Environments

Chile is surrounded on all sides by natural barriers - Pacific Ocean to the west, Andes Mountains to the east, Atacama Desert to the north and Patagonia ice fields to the south - protecting it from many of the pests that challenge farmers in other parts of the world. These natural barriers, combined with Chile’s special climate, soil and water, make Chile a natural and reliable supplier of consistently high quality avocados. 

Growing to Meet Demand

Chile has been growing commercial varieties of avocados for nearly 100 years, but avocado cultivation started increasing dramatically in the late 1980’s due to increasing demand from global markets: North America in particular.  Chile continues to grow other varieties that are marketed domestically, but most production has shifted to the Hass variety, the only variety that is shipped to North America.

 There are roughly 70,000 acres of avocados under cultivation in Chile, with the Hass variety accounting for approximately 65,000 acres.