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A Chilean Hass Avocado, mashed with a little lemon juice and some salt, can make a terrific spread for sandwiches and appetizers, or to top burgers or hot dogs. Follow the steps below for a variation kids can do. And this version is portable, too. Just tuck the plastic bag in the cooler to tote to tailgate events, games or parties.


With a sharp chef’s knife, cut in half, working around the pit.

Twist avocado to separate halves.

Using a spoon, scoop avocado flesh into zip top plastic bag. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and salt, if desired.

Seal bag and mash with hands until avocado is spreadable.

Cut tip off one corner of plastic bag.

Using bag as you would a pastry bag, pipe avocado spread onto slices of French bread, crackers, chips or slices of fresh vegetables.

For portable spread (for tailgating, soccer snacks, etc.) be sure to get all air out of bag before sealing. Keep in cooler until ready to pipe.

For this easy Bruschetta, just pipe or spread the avocado on slices of French bread, then top with a dab of your favorite condiment: chopped sun dried tomatoes, chutney, green or red salsa, tapenade, even pickle relish.