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Where did avocados appear on restaurant menus last year?

Source: Food Beat


Operators are using more and more fresh avocados at breakfast, beginning with omelets, skillet scrambles, frittatas, huevos rancheros, even avocado-based smoothies.

On lunch menus, avocados can appear in and on top of soups, in sandwiches and on salads.  Many operations list avocados as an add-on for $.50 or more, with good results.  Almost any sandwich becomes a signature special with the addition of avocado slices.  Burgers are better with avocado slices, as proven by their appearance on countless menus.  Or try the Chilean favorite 'El Completo', or Avo Dog – a frank topped with diced avocado, salsa or jalapeños.

At happy hour, guacamole, or an avocado-based spread by another name, can ring up sales and customer satisfaction.  Partner with traditional chips, use fresh vegetable crudités, toasted pita chips or fried vegetable chips.  Appetizers, either as an entrée or to share, are excellent vehicles for avocado upgrades.

Entrée salads get extra eye- and flavor-appeal and can command a higher menu price when they feature a topping of avocado slices or chunks.  Consider variations on the famous Cobb Salad, using chopped beets instead of olives, feta instead of bleu cheese, shrimp or crab in place of the traditional chicken. Team sliced avocados with seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as orange and grapefruit slices layered with crescents of fresh fennel.

Avocados mashed with fresh herbs and spices make impressive specialty-of-the-house toppings: Add avocados to the traditional chimichurri ingredients.  Or create a salsa featuring winter fruits from Chile along with Chilean Hass Avocados.