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How to Pick a Chilean Hass Avocado

You’ll recognize Hass avocados by their dark green pebbly skin.  Select those that are heavy for their size and have no bruises or soft spots.

Is it ripe?

Ripe Hass avocados will be very dark green — almost black.  Cradle an avocado gently in the palm of your hand.  Gently press the stem end.  If it gives just slightly it is ready to use right away.

Firm fruit
Bright green and firm to the touch.  It will ripen in 5-7 days at room temperature.
Breaking fruit
Dark green and beginning to soften.  It will ripen in 2-5 days at room temperature.
Ripe fruit
Dark green/almost black and yields to gentle pressure at the stem end.
Store in the cooler at 36°F-40°F for no more than 1 week.

Planning Ahead

Buy firm avocados for use in a few days or a week.  Store at room temperature, on the counter or in a brown paper bag, checking daily.  Adding an apple to the bag will speed up the ripening process.

Storing Avocados

Refrigerate ripe avocados for up to several days. Firm, not-yet-ripe avocados can wait in the refrigerator until you are ready to bring them out to ripen at room temperature.

If preparing avocados in advance, or to store cut avocados, try one of the following:

  • Cover cut avocado tightly with plastic wrap, or mash avocado in a bowl and press plastic wrap onto surface to keep air out.
  • Put pitted and peeled avocado in a sealable plastic bag with lemon or lime juice, and then mash. Squeeze out any air, seal and refrigerate.
  • If surfaces do discolor just trim off brown portion.

Freezing Avocados

  • Scoop the fruit from ripe avocados into a sealable freezer bag or airtight freezer container.
  • Add 1 teaspoon lime or lemon juice for each avocado.
  • Seal the bag and mash with your hands to blend or stir juice into the avocado in the container.
  • Press all air out of the bag, seal and freeze. Press plastic wrap on the surface of the mashed avocado in a freezer container and freeze. Use within a few months.